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Wine Experiences

Super Natural Wines Of Australia

Melbourne: Books For Cooks Queen Victoria Market, 129-131 Therry St Melbourne 3000
4 May 2017 - 4 May 2017
6pm to 8pm
Cost: $20

Contact: 0418230482

A tasting of the best 'natural' wines in Australia.

There has been a shift in Australian wine making. While people still love the classic styles, there is an interest in “what else?”. And there are a lot of keen winemakers aching to show everyone what else can be done with the humble grape. Whether it is making natural wines, or employing unusual blends of grapes or just a new technique; there is a world of flavours and textures out there that we haven’t had a chance to discover. The important thing to remember is that your palate will always be the guide: If it tastes good, it is good. Modern Australian Wine Industry Although we’ve not caught up to the old world, Australia has a pretty defined identity for each of our major regions. Each region has a handful of quality leaders that have helped to define the style. So how does a new producer make their mark? By plying their trade and perfecting their craft to the point that they are considered one of the best? Or do they find a new niche variety that works in the region and try to forge a new ‘normal’? Or do they throw the rule book out and experiment until they land on something that is the right amount of ‘whacky’ to interest the wine drinkers? We see all of these approaches in Australia and as a wine drinker, we are the winners. Having the ability to drink a zero input full skins white and then a conventionally made Riesling from the same place is great. The biggest trouble is what do all these ‘buzz words’ mean to us as wine drinker? Skin contact, natural, zero input, orange wine etc? How to navigate the new styles? The best way is to try them. So that is what we’ll do. On a lovely Thursday afternoon at one of the greatest shops in Melbourne, Books For Cooks, we’ll taste our way through some of the best examples of what the modern wave of Australian wine makers are producing. I guarantee they’ll all be delicious!

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