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  • Aussie Wine Month Fact: 1.6 Billion glasses of Australian wine!

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Aussie Wine Month Fact: 1.6 Billion glasses of Australian wine!

4 April 2017

For Aussie Wine Month today we are celebrating the number of glasses of Australian wine that are enjoyed responsibly around the world every year. 1.6 billion glasses of were enjoyed in Australia and around the world in 2015! This was thanks to 1,517 active Australian wine exporters sharing our wines with the world (up from 1,395 in 2014). Our wine was exported to and enjoyed in 122 destinations.

Who was the first to share Australian wine with the rest of the world? Gregory Blaxland, a pioneer farmer and explorer amongst other things, was the first person to take Australian wine overseas. In 1822 he travelled to England, sharing his wine with members of the Royal Society of Arts. They were so impressed that they awarded him a silver medal, making Blaxland the first winemaker to win an overseas award. From a tiny initial export of 6,291 litres the market for Australian wine overseas has grown to something that we can all be truly proud of!

The top five export markets for Australian wine in 2015 by value are:

  • USA, which increased by 4 per cent to $443 million
  • UK (number one market by volume), which increased 0.2 per cent to $376 million
  • China, which increased 66 per cent to $370 million
  • Canada, which increased 7 per cent to $193 million
  • Hong Kong, which increased 22 per cent to $132 million

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