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  • Aussie Wine Month Tip: Swirling wine

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Aussie Wine Month Tip: Swirling wine

1 April 2017

The swirling and sniffing Australian wine snob

You can spot them from a mile away, enjoying Aussie Wine Month at food and wine event or enjoying a glass at wine bars and restaurants across Australia. It’s the Australian wine snob. Furiously swirling their glass of Australian wine and sniffing it as often as many of us draw breath. Are they doing this to look ‘cool’? Are they doing it so that they feel superior to other wine lovers? While can’t say for sure that the Australian wine snobs aren’t doing it for these reasons but we do know that swirling your wines is scientifically proven to increase aromas and improve flavours!

“Hang on, swirling wine actually makes a difference to aromas?”

It does! Swirling the wine in your glass draws oxygen into the wine which helps to release the aromatic compounds, known as esters, into the air. These esters, which also occur naturally in the essential oils of plants, have fruit or flower-like odors such as apple, raspberry, jasmine, strawberry and cherry. The swirling will help you smell aromas like blackcurrants in Cabernet, pears in Pinot Grigio or passion fruit in Sauvignon Blanc. Swirling doesn’t just increase aromas, it also improves the flavour of your glass of Australian wine.

Maybe we were harsh to judge the Australian wine snob?

How does swirling also improve the flavour?

Aromas: Increasing the intensity of the aromas also increases the flavour of the wine as 75 to 95% of your taste comes from smell.

Smooth and silky: Tannins are molecules in wine that dry out your mouth. They are most notable in red wines like Cabernet, Shiraz and Nebbiolo. Swirling helps oxygen bind with the tannin molecules to make the wine softer, smoother and more accessible.

So next time you’re enjoying a glass of Australian wine give it a swirl to increase aroma and improve flavour. And if you see an Australian wine snob please send our apologies, they are clearly onto something! 

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